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:1001: Ryuusei Mori Animation

Happy belated Birthday InfinityStar!
Hope you had a wonderful day and have an awesome up coming year!

So I thought I could get this done in under two weeks... I was mistaken.. 
But I hope it's alright. I wanted to show how awesome Ryuu is with his spear but show his adorableness as well x3

Ryuusei (c) to :iconinfinitystar:
Thing Of Bordom by WaterSkies
Thing Of Bordom
Did a thing cause I was bored LOL
Kinda looks like an angry fish to me >x>
:1001: Farouk's Plan by WaterSkies
:1001: Farouk's Plan
This is Farouk's letter to Thodian, detailing his plans for the farm he's building in Isurea that will house freed slaves and runaways.
Since Farouk is still learning how to read and write properly it's probably really hard to read and there's a lot of spelling mistakes. So here is what it says for those of you who can't make heads or tails of it (spelling mistakes corrected) xD
Here is the plan of the farm and the operation behind it that you requested.
For starters, I plan on buying slaves and freeing them as they enter your country, like we spoke about. Once they reach the farm I will give them the option to either work for me and earn money, or if they wish for it, let them go and love on their own. If they choose to work for me then there is a lot of things they can do. Like working in the fields, planting crops, plowing, harvesting and weeding. They could also ten to the animals, feeing them, giving them water and cleaning out the stalls. Or other things that a farm requires, like repairing broken things, building new equipment for the farm, cooking the meals for the other slaves or training animals that need training. For the ones that don't want to work for me, I will let them go where they wish, but I will send someone trusted to tail them for a week or 2 until it's clear that they don't wish to harm Isurea, me, my family, your family, the operation or anyone that works for me.
To buy the slaves a trusted friend and brother of mine has offered his help. He is already a slave trader and had ideals simular to mine. His name is Ryuusei Mori and he is also close friends with Ton, so I'm sure you've heard of him. I'll have him buy slaves for me now and then and once the operation becomes larger I will pay other trusted people to do the same. When I do by slaves, it will be spaced out a month at a time, never on the same day or week each month and never at the same place every month. I will rotate the buying between countries at random and same with the city or town they're being bought at. I will also always use a different name, never using the same name more than twice, and never twice in a row. When I do buy, I'll only by a few at a time, never more than 4 at once, and if I decide to buy someone expensive I will only by that person and 1 other at the most. I will be random with were I buy and the times I buy at, so if there is someone who wants to sabotage me they will have more difficulty predicting where, and when I'll buy. Once I by my first slave I will start keeping track of where, when, and who I buy, as well as the cost of each slave and the name that I used to by each slave with. I will give this report to you after each purchase so you also know what is going on.
For protection of the farm and ex-slave, you offered some of your Crimson Guard, which again I apprciate a lot. If it is fine I'd like to dress your guard in clothing that looks more farm like, so I don't attract attention. When my operation become larger I plan on buying guard dogs, as well as posting some trusted ex-slaves that have fighting experience. I will also be living on the farm as well, so I will protect the people that live there to the best of my ability.
Thank you for accepting to have this operation in your country of Isurea.
I am in your debt.
Farouk El-Amin "
:1001: Farouk El-Amin

Name: Farouk El-Amin
Nicknames: Faru, Big Kid
Birth Place: Eryphs
Location: Runa
Hair-Colour: Dark brown
Eye-Colour: Aqua
Height: 5'6" (167cm)
Age: 26
Birthday: May 4th

Occupation: None

Elements: Ice/Water

Balance -  Usually keeps his balance when landing after a jump, flip, walking across rope or something similar
Agility - He's quick on his feet when he needs to be, and can change direction on a dime.
Acrobatic - He flips, jumps, twirls and twists while fighting and if he's near a wall during fighting or sparring, very often, he'll use it to his advantage since most of his fighting experience comes from thugs and thieves in the cramped alleyways of Runa's capital.

Weapon:  Ikram - Dagger
He stole this dagger and it's sheath shortly after he arrived in Runa and had been using it ever since, which is quite obvious seeing as the blade has become rather chipped and scratched.
He's not very skilled in combat when it comes to flat ground, though he is rather quick and has been known to used risky moves when pushed to his limit, which some don't see coming.

Djinn: Skouro
Element: Ice

Farouk's Spell Sheet: :1001: SPELLS Farouk by WaterSkies

Farouk has now achieved his Full Djinn Equip with Skouro. His chant is as follows:
"Spirit of frigid enchantment, in the name of my magoi, I call upon your great power. Freeze all that stand against me! Arise, Skouro!"

-hard working

He's stubborn in the sense that once he puts his mind to doing something he'll do it and it's hard to change his mind, unless you're a close friend of his. He's becoming more and more open with people about his past, though he will skip the harsher details if he doesn't see you as a friend. Though the closer you are to him or one of his friends, the more likely he'll speak about it. He gets shy and embarrassed easily, especially when talking about his own feelings towards someone or something. He's easily excitable when it comes to sparing, eating or having fun with close friends.

History: Born and raised on the outskirts of a small farming village. He lived with his mother, father and older sister. He worked hard since the age of 8 helping his father keep and tend to the farm as well as the crops and animals. He lived happily like this for many years, even looking forward to getting married and starting a family of his own. Once he reached the age of 13 his father began to teach him to use a dagger as a weapon. Not to protect himself but to protect Ariea, his older sister. At the age of 20 he was overjoyed when Ariea got married, although he felt a little lonely when she moved out into her husband's home, he would often visit her twice a week, not minding the 1 1/2 hour trek just to see her and his new baby nephew. It was a year later after his sister's marriage that he was walking her back home after she visited their parent's home, it was getting dark and he didn't think it was safe for her to go home alone. It was thirty minutes to the village and through the other side and from there an hour to her home. Half way to the village there was a horse and cart that came up the road coming from the village. He doesn't remember much after that, a burning pain in his right shoulder, his sister's cries and then he found himself in a dark room behind bars with her. They'd had been caught by slave catchers, people who go around and kidnap people, selling them off into slavery. Only those who he trusts will learn what happened after this.
Ariea: :1001: Ariea by WaterSkies
Parents: :1001: Farouk's Parents by WaterSkies


:1001: Tarik and Faru by WaterSkies
Species: Dog
Height: 18 inches
Gender: Male

Hobbies: Wood carving, sparring, training(himself and Tarik).

-carving wood
-fruit (mostly fruits like peaches and mangoes, but grapes are his favourite)
-meat (it builds muscle according to his Pa)
-sparring (especially with friends)
-hanging out with friends

-Greedy and cruel people
-super spicy food
-being alone

Other Info:
-Still in the process of learning how to cook, though he's getting much better.
-He'll hum to himself when he thinks he's alone, but gets embarrassed when people catch him doing it.
-He doesn't have much education when it comes to reading, writing and math.
-He'll sometimes sound out words when he's reading if he's having trouble.
-He spells things the way he pronounces them.
-He loves head pats, even if it might seem like he's being treated like a kid (or puppy).
-He can't hold his alcohol.
-He gets shy around woman. (But that's starting to change after sparing Saveta and being around Daiyu)
-His childhood dream was to marry and have children.

Farouk (c) to me

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