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Animated Chibi


Feb 28, 2015
6:01 pm
Feb 28, 2015
11:23 am
Feb 28, 2015
9:52 am
Feb 28, 2015
9:43 am
Feb 27, 2015
12:48 pm


:1001: Farouk Full Djinn Equip by WaterSkies :1001: Extreme Magic: Inhiyar Aldamar Lame'a by WaterSkies
:1001: Broken Promise by WaterSkies
:1001: Elasim Lookout Golum Fight by WaterSkies :1001: Faru vs Zeev by WaterSkies
Training Break by WaterSkies :1001: Colours by WaterSkies
:1001: Skouro and Farouk by WaterSkies :1001: Magician and Djinn User by WaterSkies
:1001: Mornings by WaterSkies :1001: Watercolour Farouk by WaterSkies
:WT: Lucifer and Naoki by WaterSkies :WT: Naoki and Pumpelo by WaterSkies



Nao and A'am by WaterSkies
Nao and A'am

After a long hard day of adventuring, many feels and many hurts and scares Naoki and A'am tiredly came back to the train and slept all night together in Naoki's room in the same bed.... D'awwwwwww :heart::heart::heart: 

Damn I love A'am. Cutest lil bugger~

A'am (c) to :iconrajayne:
Naoki (c) to me
:WT: Matt and Nao fight comic by WaterSkies
:WT: Matt and Nao fight comic

A little part of the fight between Matthew and Naoki. 
Poor Pumpelo was watching and worrying her mind to bits ;u; 
Thought I would try doing this in a comic/manga kind of thing....
Yeah... I dunno if I like how it turned out... but here it is ouo/

Matthew (c) to :iconzaleho:
Naoki (c) to me
Sketch requests by WaterSkies
Sketch requests
Had a short stream for sketch requests. This is the result. 
I need to improve a lot OTL 

Characters (c) to their respective owners
:WT: Gender Bender by WaterSkies
:WT: Gender Bender

Original: WT: Gender bender
Naoki as a girl in male clothes~ \ouo/ 
Decided on the name Naomi for him as a girl cause... why not lol 

Naoki/Naomi (c) to me