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:1001: Extreme Magic: Inhiyar Aldamar Lame'a by WaterSkies
:1001: Extreme Magic: Inhiyar Aldamar Lame'a

"Winter princess, spirit of enchantment, you who gives power to kings... Witness the great blizzard that reduces all to a glacier! Extreme Magic: Inhiyar Aldamar Lame'a!"

Farouk's Extreme Magic as he's casting it. He's still practicing it so it's not at full strength yet. But.. I can't wait for the full strength version. *chuckles evilly*
Been a while since I've done any art so I feel a bit rusty. Either way I suppose I'm alright with how this turned out~

Farouk (c) to me 
:1001: Ton Darksoul Animation

Happy super freaking late Birthday Freaking-Rainbow!!

Took me so much longer than I would've liked. I'm really sorry it's late ;u;
I hope you like it~

Ton (c) :iconfreaking-rainbow:
:1001: Ryuusei Mori Animation

Happy belated Birthday InfinityStar!
Hope you had a wonderful day and have an awesome up coming year!

So I thought I could get this done in under two weeks... I was mistaken.. 
But I hope it's alright. I wanted to show how awesome Ryuu is with his spear but show his adorableness as well x3

Ryuusei (c) to :iconinfinitystar:
Thing Of Bordom by WaterSkies
Thing Of Bordom
Did a thing cause I was bored LOL
Kinda looks like an angry fish to me >x>

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