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Pokemon fusions12
Been a long time since I've done one of these. Been a while since I've actually picked up my pen.. so I'm a bit rusty but I think these turned out alright. 
Yay for new Alolan pkmn!!
WT Yuval Danutdaxton


Yuval Danutdaxton

Nickname: N/A

Age: 96

Birthday: July 7th

Star Sign: Cancer

Height: 6'1" (185 cm)

Weight: 164lbs (74kg or 12st)

Sex: Male

Gender: Male

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Demisexual/Panromantic

Family: Mother (whereabouts unknown), Father (whereabouts unknown)

Yuval is not close to either of his parents and lost contact with them many years ago.

Species: O'salphar

The O'salpharian people are a tanned skinned race, ranging in tone from a creamy caramel to a darker muddy brown. Most have lighter coloured hair, blonde and orange being the most common colours, though a few are born with darker coffee coloured hair. Eye colours are usually dark ranging from brown, grey and sometimes even black. It's rare to see an O'salpharian with lighter coloured eyes like blue or green. Thier ears are similar to a human's though often are pointed. Some more than others. Their biology is the same as a human's save for the extra circulatory system. This system does not circulate blood however. Instead it circulates the energy used for casting arts, known as vayu. Vayu is similar to what other cultures refer to as mana or chakra. It's dangerous for a person to use too much of their vayu. Doing so can result in weakness, temporary loss of motor skills, dizziness, tremor and in more severe cases coma or even death. However to replenish their vayu one only needs to take care of themselves by eating and resting. Sleep is the quickest way to replenish lost vayu,although deep meditation can help as well. Every O'salpharian has this vayu system within them, meaning that each one of them is capable of casting arts. Though every person's affinity with an art is different. Most of the O'salpharian people are born with an affinity to one art. Though some are born with an affinity for two. This is uncommon however. It is possible to gain an affinity for an art that you weren't born with, although this requires intense studying and training and can take several years to master the art. The lifespan of each person varies depending on the arts they know. People with the Life, Blood, and Alteration arts tend to live longer lives. The age span of the O’salpharian people are longer compared to humans. Even without those mentioned arts the average lifespan is 150 earth years. Aging physically happens rapidly near the end of one’s life. Only taking 10 years to go from looking like one is 30 years old to looking like one is 80 years old. This is due to the rapid loss of vayu during the last years of life.

O'salpharian culture is one of learning which is highly encouraged from a young age. Children start school from the moment they are capable of walking and talking which can be as young as the age of two years. Most children are placed into a boarding school at this time where they are taught from morning until night in a structured classroom setting. Play is often discouraged as it is considered unnecessary to the learning experience and distracts the brain from learning. Showing of emotion is discouraged as well. Many adults consider emotion to be unnecessary as it clouds judgement and making the absorption of information more difficult. The frowning upon emotion also lead to the frowning upon religion, which is considered linked. One must have emotion to be tied to a religion. Though religion is now a thing of the past. A thousand years ago many people had a religion, but because of the emphasis on learning and the gaining of knowledge, all of the religions were proven to be false and proof of their species ignorance of the workings of the world. All O'salpharian people now consider themselves to be atheists.

Dimension: Hrafedda

Hrafedda orbits around a blue dwarf star,  with an orbital period of about 88 Earth days,  it rotates on its axis exactly three times for every two revolutions it makes around the Sun. Meaning there is only one day every two years. Hrafedda is a little more than one third the size of Earth. To put this in perspective, if Earth were the size of a baseball than Hrafedda would be about the size of a golf ball. Hrafedda's surface temperature varies depending on where you are on it's surface. Ranging from 15°C (59°F) at night to 30°C (86°F) during the day in some equatorial regions. The poles are constantly below -20°C (-4°F).

The surface of the planet is covered in roughly 60% water. 50% of that water being salt water. There is only one continent on Hrafedda, the continent of Ferdinandea, which spans from the Northern pole to just south of the equator. In the center Ferdinandea lies a fairly inactive volcano, only small tremors shake the ground now and then. Around this volcano lies many natural hot springs and geysers, which help to keep the local animals warm during the winter months. To the north of this volcano the land turns into rolling hills of bluegrass and eventually, thick forest, though it trails off into frozen tundra once the tree line ends. To the south it is mostly rocky desert, only a few bare dry shrubs and grasses dot the landscape. Only the most hardy of creatures live in this area. The farther south one heads, the closer they get to the coastline where the landscape begins to change once again. The dry dusty air from the desert begins to become humid with the moisture from the sea. More subtropical plant life grows here. This is the area where the largest concentration of the O'salpharian population lives. The large city of Okka Nagaldr with a population of roughly 30,000,000 stretches along the southern coast line, making for slightly crowded conditions. People who don't live in this city can usually be found in other smaller towns along the east and west coasts.

The population is ruled over by the Prime Minister who is elected through a series of votes. Not just anyone can run for this position however. It is a requirement to have a IQ of at least 160 and to have mastered at least three arts. The same rules apply for anyone wishing to be a member of Parliament, a Provincial Leader or the Major of a town or city. The Prime Minister's term lasts for 3 years. When this term is over another election is held by the people. If the people have confidence in a certain Prime Minister it is possible for them to be re-elected, although they can only be in this position for a maximum of 12 years.

The currency of Hrafedda are coin shaped gems, the clearer and the gem the more expensive it is. They are used in a system of bartering, exchanging goods or services for other goods and services. The most expensive of the gems are Moon and Sunstones, followed in order by Tanzanite, Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Topaz and finally Quartz. These gems however aren't always used in transactions. Sometimes a trade in information is welcomed as well, especially if it helps a business get a one up on a competitor.

The O'salpharian people's lives have always been centered around their arts, even during the times of religion. It is their natural arts which dictates what they are meant to do with their lives. For example, those with the life art will find themselves working in hospitals, those with the elemental art work in the many greenhouses and fields to grow produce for the growing population. Each art has it's own associated job, though it is encouraged to gain more arts to better help the community and oneself. The Arts Circle can be found here:


Positive- Yuval is a calm and clever person, hardly ever letting stress get to him. He's courteous to other people, never starting an argument and being respectful of other's opinions no matter how wrong he thinks they might be. When it comes to using his arts he can be quite creative and skilled with how he puts them to use. Often thinking of things that others might not. When it comes to his emotions he is disciplined in controlling his anger and fears making him focused in dangerous situations.

Neutral- Yuval is rather impassive and stolid, as emotion was frowned upon in his culture. Likewise he is also irreligious for the same reasons. Because of his restraint on emotion he is often quiet and unaggressive, though he can be stubborn and obsessive, especially if it comes to learning about something interesting.

Negative- Aloof or antisocial are words that fits Yuval well, as he is not one to try and make friends. He can be insincere at times since he has difficulty sympathizing or empathizing with others. He's humourless and mostly serious, so others usually consider him to be dull or boring. Especially since he's apathetic to anything other than learning about what interests him.


Due to the length I have provided a link to his full history here:

Being a teacher at the local school wasn't something Yuval really enjoyed, he hadn't planned on teaching as a career, but the perks of accessing the teacher's library, full of books of the arts and many special spells. This he couldn't refuse. After teaching at the library for 35 years, one of the professors ended up passing away, a new teacher by the name of Zidgrid took their place and soon approached Yuval with a theory. After listening and becoming interested in what she had to say, the soon joined forces, creating a secret room in the basement library. It was here that they experimented. First creating a plant that could grow in harsh environments, which helped the people who lived in the dark and cold northern regions. After being acknowledged for their findings they began to experiment on animals, to find 
a way to alter how bodies react to illnesses, and diseases. After many months of experiments they had finally discovered a way to stop an illness from progressing through a body, though it involved means that would more than likely be rather controversial. The canine they had experimented on passed away, but with Zidgrid's necromancy arts it was brought back after Yuval had altered it's body chemistry. The disease it had was gone and the canine was completely healthy.  Yuval suggested to Zidgrid to share their findings, though she declined, stating that she wanted to go a step farther.

It was time for mid-terms at the school, a time Yuval disliked because of all the grading and the repetitiveness of reading the students essays. Zidgrid had told him to give her a list of names of the students in his classes with the lowest grades after the mid-term tests had been graded and calculated. Which Yuval complied with. He assumed it had to do with overall grading for the school so he didn't think much of it. A week after the mid terms had finished, Yuval headed down to the hidden room. Something that had become a routine over the last decade or so. After heading through the door, which was hidden by illusion magic, he noticed Zidgrid was already there, which wasn't unusual. What was unusual was the fact that there was a person on the table instead of the usual feline or canine. It was one of Yuval's students. One of the young men in his Conjuration class which had the lowest grade. "This is what you meant by going a step further." He whispered to no one in particular, ignoring the look of confusion and desperation that his student was giving him. Zidgrid smiled. "Are you willing to go this far to sate your appetite for the arts?" Yuval set his staff aside, leaning it against the wall. He didn't respond to her question. He thought that the answer was obvious enough not to need a reply. Picking up a small bottle, which was filled with a virus, he stuck a syringe into it. "Lets begin." He simply said, before injecting his student. They repeated the same process that had worked with the canine. Draining away the last of his life energy, letting him die, altering his biology and chemistry and then bringing him back with necromancy. As his heart began to beat once more, the student opened his eyes. "Something is not right." Yuval said. Zidgrid agreed. The body was alive, but telling by the look in Yuval's student's eyes, the mind was most certainly dead. "We did everything the same. Why didn't it work?" Zidgrid had a hint of frustration to her voice. Both of them stood around the student in silence. Going over the series of events. Neither one could come up with an explanation. In the end they had no choice but to discard their test subject. Zidgrid volunteered to dispose of him, taking him to the ocean and dumping him off of the peer. Since his mind was gone, the student simply sunk to the ocean floor and drown.

Over the next five years these human experimentations continued. Though they were diligent in spacing apart their experiments as to not attract attention from the authorities. Soon though they were met with a bump in the road when law enforcement showed up at the school and began to question the professors. It seemed one of the officers noticed that the ten people that had drown in the ocean on the outskirts of the city in the last five years all happened to be students at that particular school. Both Zidgrid and Yuval were interrogated, though most of the suspicion landed on her because of the fact that she wasn't as capable at suppressing her emotions like the rest of the school's staff. 5 months past, and the officers came by on three more separate occasions. It seemed they were narrowing their suspects, each time interrogating less and less professors and staff. The last time they visited however neither Zidgrid nor Yuval were interrogated. She assumed that meant they were off the hook. Yuval however, wasn't so sure about that. Either way, they resumed experimenting.

This time Yuval used his illusion art to lure a young girl off of the street. She wasn't affiliated with the school, so he hoped that would take the attention away from the staff and professors that worked there. Still the experiment failed and Yuval was beginning to lose faith in the method that had worked with the animals. "One more and I am through with this. It is too risky now that the authorities have caught on." He said after the young girl's mindless eyes stared blankly up at the stone ceiling. Zidgrid looked at him, annoyance flashing in her eyes. "Agreed." She muttered, pulling the girl off of the table by her arm and leading her out into the library. "I'll clean up while you dispose of her." As he did just that, he had no idea what was about to befall them. Zidgrid took the girl down to the western side of the city, to a place high on a cliff which over looked both the city and the ocean. Little did she know that the law enforcement authorities had many conjuration summons surveilling the coasts around the city and she had been spotted pushing the mindless girl over the edge and watching her bounce off the rocks and dissapear into the waves below. Hours passed and Yuval was growing suspicious. Zidgrid hadn't returned. He had a bad feeling growing in the pit of his stomach, and his suspicions were soon realized as the door to his residence was swiftly kicked in. He didn't even turn to see what the commotion was. Simply putting down the pen he had been using to mark the assignments he was grading and placing his hands behind his head. He didn't even bother to try and deny his crimes. There was no point. It seemed Zidgrid had given him up in exchange for a plea bargain. To make matters worse she had told the authorities that he had been the mastermind of it all. Perhaps that was true, he was the one that came up with the theory in the first place. He didn't deny that either. After several weeks the trial was held. Because of the plea bargin Zidgrid was sentenced to life at sea. She was prohibited from setting foot on land, save for the far north where she was aloud to hunt for food. Yuval on the other hand was to have his arts suppressed with shadow magic and to be banished from the world. Immediately after the punishments were read he had the strength of his arts reduced, sealing much of his power away. Then he was given a satchel and his staff and taken to his home where he was given 10 minutes to pack any belongings. Afterwards he was marched to the train station where the famed world train sat. Yuval didn't look back as he stepped on board. The hardest part of this for him wasn't the banishment, but the fact that all the hard work he had put into his arts meant nothing now.

Skills: Yuval is skilled in the following three arts:

Illusionism- While this art is not his strongest, it still can effectively distract an enemy for a short period of time. His illusions can be anything from a mirage of himself or another person to a fake wall. These illusions are not solid and will fade once touched or the person under the spell realizes what is going on. If his illusion is not touched or the one under the illusion doesn't notice what is happening, the spell will fade after 5 minutes.

Alteration- His second strongest art. As the name suggests, this art is used to alter his surroundings. For example, he can alter the earth to create a stone bridge to span over a river, or turn part of a wall into a door. This art is slow casting however, so it's not ideal for battle. The larger the thing that he is trying to alter the longer it will take for him to alter it. For example... it would only take about 30 seconds to shape a spoon into a knife, but to change a cliff face into a bridge to cross to the other side, may take as long as 4 or 5 minutes. Alteration spells also take more vayu to cast, so altering to much at once can exhaust him. Also, because of the restriction on his vayu he can only reshape things as large as a bus. To reshape something it must be within eyesight and within 100 feet(roughly the length of a professional basketball court).

Conjuration- Yuval's favourite and most powerful art. He can conjure creatures to his side to defend himself or to attack someone else. These creatures are soulbound to him and cannot disobey his orders. They will not take orders from anyone else unless given the order to do so by Yuval himself. His summoned creatures last for a total of five minutes each and he can have 2 active at once. Once the time is up the creatures die, however summoning a new one doesn't take very long. Each creature summoned has half of Yuval's stats. Currently he can only summon creatures that are no larger than a wolf and can only attack physically.

Weaknesses: Blood arts are a source of weakness for nearly everyone (except those with the blood art or with light or holy arts). Since that art is capable of controlling the blood of the user as well as the blood of others, it is easy to kill someone with it. Hence why he is weak to it. Holy and Light arts are the other arts he is weak to. This is because of the shadow art that was cast on him to seal most of his magic away. The shadow art is embedded into the veins that carries his vayu, meaning, if he gets hit with a powerful enough Holy or Light art it may stop the flow of his vayu which can be fatal. Yuval can be blinded by his thirst for knowledge, at times ignoring the danger he might be putting himself into. He is overconfident in his magical capabilities and knowledge, which makes him often underestimate the strength of others. Milk, as he is lactose intolerant.


    Level: 2

Health: 170
Magic: 400
Attack: 85
Defense: 70
Speed: 70

Weapons: Staff

Items: Staff, Notebook and pen (for writing notes), pauldron, cape, satchel(full of various clothes and other assortments of things)

Likes: Reading, casting magic (especially conjuration arts), experimentation, hot drinks, learning

Dislikes: Showing too much emotion, loud or energetic people, being told he's wrong, being naked, apples

Misc. Facts:

  • Yuval is lactose intolerant so he doesn’t like to drink milk or eat cheeses.

  • Reading is one of his favourite hobbies and he can often be found doing just that

  • He loves spaghetti, the more tomato sauce the better!

  • The underside of his cape is not a pattern. It’s constantly moving stars and nebula made from infusing his illusion arts into the threads. (the illusion spell on his cape doesn’t vanish when touched because it was cast before he had his powers reduced)

  • Despite it’s size, his staff is only as heavy as a small bird. (Again he had cast an alteration spell on his staff before his powers were reduced)

Relationships: N/A

RP Sample:

Yuval felt the breeze as the doors closed behind him. Looking around the car he was in, with little interest, he began to walk slowly down the hall and into the next car. 'This appears to be a lounge type area..' he thought to himself before closing the door behind him. Though Yuval currently had no desire to sit in this room. Lifting a piece of folded paper up, which one of the law officers had given him, he unfolded it and read what was written on it. 'A room number most likely. I suppose that saves me the hassle of actually booking a room myself. Though I would have preferred to choose my own.' Memorizing the room number, then stuffing the paper into his satchel he made his way out of the lounge car and through the other cars that followed, eventually making it into his designated car. Glancing at each door he past, eventually standing in front of the door to the room that he had been assigned. 'I do hope I do not have to share a room... that would make this situation all the more bothersome..' He thought once again to himself as he turned the handle and disappeared into the room, the door making a soft click as it slowly swung closed behind him.

Yuval © to me


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